CATEYE - Orb Light Set

CATEYE - Orb Light Set

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CATEYE ORB Bicycle Light Set

These ORB bike lights are a compact, quick, and easy addition to your cycling gear – a must-have for your next ride.

Crafted with durable aluminum and a sleek anodized finish. The lens serves as the power and mode button. These lights are incredibly low-profile and lightweight, weighing in at only 20g. With a 180-degree lens, they provide excellent side visibility. Each light comes with 2 x 2032 batteries included.

OPTICUBE LENS TECHNOLOGY Cateye leverages advanced lens and reflector technology to optimize the LED's beam pattern, resulting in a high-quality, well-distributed light in front of the rider, even with lower Lumen output.

LONG PRESS TO TURN ON and OFF This consumer-friendly feature prevents accidental activation of the lights, conserving battery power and ensuring your lights won't turn off unexpectedly during your ride.

INTEGRAL HEAT DISSIPATION Superior heat dissipation enhances the lumen output, maintaining a consistent level of brightness.

NO UNINTENDED CYCLE THROUGH THE OFF MODE Cateye was the pioneer of this innovation, designed to prevent riders from being left in complete darkness while adjusting beam modes accidentally.

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