ROCKBROS - USB Heated Gloves
ROCKBROS - USB Heated Gloves
ROCKBROS - USB Heated Gloves
ROCKBROS - USB Heated Gloves
ROCKBROS - USB Heated Gloves
ROCKBROS - USB Heated Gloves

ROCKBROS - USB Heated Gloves

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ROCKBROS USB Charging Heating Gloves: Ride in Comfort, Warmth, and Style

Gear up for winter cycling with the ROCKBROS USB Charging Heating Gloves, specially designed for men who refuse to let the cold weather hinder their cycling adventures. These full-finger gloves are not just a winter accessory; they are a technological marvel, keeping you warm, connected, and in control.


  • Anti-static Protection:

    • Safeguard yourself against static electricity, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip during your winter rides.
  • Gender: Men

  • Item Type: Gloves & Mittens

  • Type: Full Finger

  • Sport Type: Cycling


  • Name: USB Charging Heating Gloves
  • Weight: About 105g (Pair)
  • Material: Fleece, elastic fabric, mountaineering cloth fabric
  • Heating Strip: Large area heating strip for rapid warming
  • Screen Touch: Touchscreen compatible for phone operation

Additional Features:

  • More Functions:
    • Shockproof, Anti-slip, Breathable, Reflective elements enhance safety and functionality.
  • Usage:
    • Ideal for cycling, offering improved grip, safety features, and touchscreen functionality for convenience.


  • This product does not have a power storage function, emphasizing the need for heating during charging.
  • Requires heating during charging for optimal performance.
  • Touchscreen-compatible design allows for convenient phone use during your rides.
  • The gloves are crafted from fleece, elastic fabric, and mountaineering cloth for durability and comfort.
  • Additional functions include shockproof, anti-slip, breathable design, and reflective elements for enhanced visibility.
  • Not suitable for washing or dry cleaning.

Stay warm, connected, and protected during your winter cycling escapades with the ROCKBROS USB Charging Heating Gloves. Embrace the cold confidently, knowing your hands are equipped with cutting-edge technology for ultimate warmth and functionality.

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